Themed Party Packages! 

 We understand every child is different and as such every party is different. We have a large selection of tricks to make every party we do as magical and unique as possible. However, perhaps your party has a theme and you would like the magic show to tie in? That is why we are very proud to offer our spectacular selection of "Themed party packages".

-Pirate Adventure
-Magical Princess 
-Harry Potter
-Alice in Wonderland
-Ghosts and Ghouls

If you have a theme for your party that we Haven't covered please let us know and we will do our very best to  create a routine around it. All the themed parties feature a cake and gift for the birthday child and feature Balloon models and an Animal production.


"Ghost and Ghouls" Party package:

Do you have a little monster in need of some spooky magic fun? Then the "Ghost and Ghouls" Magic show is just a scream away.

Be prepared for scary going ons, as you witness a magic wand with a mind of its own. A mysterious dice that can move through walls, and cower behind the pillow as one brave victim..I mean volunteer, gets to wear a VERY "special" necklace...All rounded off with the appearance of a terrifying, but friendly SNAKE!

Full of monstrous laughs, fun frights and manic magic the "Ghosts and ghouls" themed party can also feature some very scary "Gore effect tattoos and blood". Perfect for Halloween or your little horrors!

"Pirate Adventure" Party Package:

Do you have a young Pirate in need of some swash buckling Magic fun? Then prepare to set sail on the pirate ship "Hopscotch"!

Prepare for nautical fun and chaos as we search for the treasure, which always seems to be disappearing. Learn the key skills needed for any pirate, from sword fighting and pick pocketing to the Thieves  hand shake and the correct way to say "YAAARRRR!" With so much going on will we ever be able to find the sought after Treasure Chest?

Full of audience participation, sleight of hand and treasure galore the "Pirate Adventure" party package is ideal for any would be pirates!

"Harry Potter" Party Package:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a class at "Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" or to be able to learn magic just like Harry potter?

Then this is the party for you! We start with getting the guests split into there "House" groups, will you be a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or perhaps a Slytherin. Next we start to learn some magic tricks that never seem to go right. Try not to laugh as we make a "students" head shrink and grow. How about braving the Chamber of secrets in search of the Basilisk?

 With plenty of spells to learn and audience participation. Can you help your group win the House Cup! We can even supply all the guests with there very own wizards and witches hats! 

"Alice in Wonderland" Party Package:

Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole and fall into wonderland, with this curious party package.

Its time for tea and don't be late as your very own  Mad hatter hosts one of the strangest birthday tea parties you have ever seen. Fancy something to drink from the tea kettle which pours out a different type of tea with every pour. Help protect the last white rose from the "Queen of Hearts". Hold on to your head in the grand finale as an empty dolls house makes a very fluffy visitor appear!

 Full of Magic, fun and tea, the "Alice in wonderland" party package in guaranteed to get all the guests laughing. Make  this a very merry unbirthday party!


"Magical Princess" Party Package:

Looking to add that extra magical sparkle to your "little Princess's" Party? Then why not give her a Magic Princess party that she will never forget!

Watch in wonder as a "priceless Diamond" from atop a Beautiful crown vanishes, only to reappear in the most unlikely place. Be amazed as the guests help get "Cinderella" ready for the ball in a very magical fashion, and of course feel the pride as YOUR Birthday Princess takes centre stage and helps create a spectacular Birthday cake! Not to mention the appearance of the worlds cutest magic Rabbit and Glitter tattoos, to add a little extra royal glamour.

With plenty of bright colourful props, a lot of laughs and of course a touch of magic, make your Princess party the most Magical in all the land! We can even supply Princess party bags if required.

For more information on Themed party packages or any other queries please feel free to get in touch over at the "Contact us" page.

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