I have provided Magic shows for a large selection of different events and ages and have had great fun doing so...

...But nothing beats a Birthday Party!

That is why I take great pride is providing a Magical Party Expierience that your child will be talking about until their next Birthday!

"See your Son or Daughter take centre stage during the show, much to the envy of their friends, as they become the Magicians assistant! Where they will help to make their very own Magical Birthday cake and even receive a Special Birthday Present!"

For more details on Birthday packages, please see our

 "Prices and Packages" page.


Magic Shows!

 "Because we all need a little Magic in our life!"


Looking to add some Magic to your Party or Event??

Then, look no further!

I have a large collection of bright, colourful and more often than not strange looking Magical Equipment guarenteed to get everyone laughing and taking part in the Fun.

I am even privileged enough to have some very special Magic Animal Assistants who are always more than eager to make an appearance at shows.

I have a lovely Brown Girl bunny rabbit, called "Trixie", or "Trix" for short.

A Charming little Boy bunny rabbit called "Charlie", who just loves been handled and cuddled by the audience.

And for those perhaps a little bit older...and braver. There is "Mr. Snake" a VERY Friendly 5 foot Red Corn Snake who never fails to get a reaction.


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