We get asked a lot of questions. Below is a list of some of our Frequently asked:


Can you Mix the Circus Skills and Magic Show for a One hour Performance?

- Ofcourse! The packages listed on the "Prices and Packages" page are examples of our most popular party performances, but these can be customized to fit your needs. After all it is YOUR party!


Do you do Weddings? What sort of things can you do at them?

- We understand that your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, and we do everything we can to add to the magical experience. From socialising and Interacting with your guests using the power of humourous and baffling tricks, to keeping the kids amused using Balloon models, Circus skills and ofcourse MAGIC!


Do you perform for adults/ Close-up Magic?

- Sadly i don't perform strictly for adults. The type of magic I do consists of BrightColourful and Comedy effects, Targeted at children. Although I do always aim to give the adults a giggle.

What kind of things do you do at Fetes/Galas/Festivals?

- When it comes to larger events such as fetes, we like to take along a bit of everything. Variety is the spice of life afterall. We can perform short Magic shows alternating with Circus workshops and Balloon Models for the visitors. Then perhaps a leisurely stroll through the crowds (or perhaps above the crowds) on Stilts. Not to mention "Boo the Bunny" getting up to all sorts of Mischief. There is something for everyone!


"My Son/Daughter is going to be 9. Is this too old for one of your shows?"

No, Not at all. I have a large variety of different tricks to suit all ages. Your NEVER too old for Magic!


If I book an hour and a half party package does that include time to stop for food?

-No. The hour and a half performance runs consecutively. We are happy to let the children get a drink of juice. However if you would like us to stop for a half hour for food it would constitute a 2 hour booking.

Do I need to send a deposit when booking?

No. I am happy to accept Cash payment on the day of the event. However, due to problems in the past, I do not accept cheques, unless its for an Organisation event.


Can you cater to my partys theme?

Absolutely! We offer several themed party packages, which can be seen in more detail at the "Themed Parties" tab. However if you have a theme in mind, then please let us know and we will do our very best to incorporate it into the days performance.


Where did the Rabbit Appear from and Disappear too?

- Simple, IT'S MAGIC!

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